Expand your biopharma business into the Latin American market, focusing on execution and results.

We know it: expanding to a new, unknown market environment is challenging. Avoid the lengthy and costly try and error. When market potential, goals and strategies are clearly defined, and flawless, perseverant execution is implemented, your business will be better off.

Our job is to make your journey of expanding to Latin America easier and more effective, supported by execution.

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What makes Latin America attractive?

Latin America is a 70+ billion USD Market for Biopharmaceuticals.

An aging population of 650+ million potential customers, and 5+ trillion USD GDP. Representing an enormous market potential for companies around the world.

Market size

Growth projections


The Latin American market is growing fast. Take the lead.

The Latin American region has not been a market priority for many biopharma companies historically. This has resulted in untapped medical needs and very interesting market opportunities for companies from around the world. With 650+ million residents and a market in a phase of accelerated development, the Latin American continent represents a huge potential in terms of patients for many chronic and acute preventive, diagnostic and treatment options.

Assure the geographical expansion of your business into Latin America. Through our profound knowledge of the socio economic and market environment of the continent, we provide you a customized analytical basis to make informed strategic decisions about the best way to be successfully in Latin America.

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Increase your sales & Profitability

Between 2017 and 2022 the Latin American Biopharma market size is forecasted to increase from 59 to 82 billion USD, growing at an astounding 7%, more than any of the traditional biopharma markets. The continent is in a phase of development, resulting in a lot of concrete market opportunities for your business.

Expand your operations

The attractiveness of Latin America is the size of its population: over 650+ million. Natality rates are higher than in mature markets. Population is growing constantly and also getting older. This represents a lot of potential in present and future to serve this population with new products and services to improve health outcomes.

Thrive in a developing region

Many companies naturally focus their commercial efforts on the US, Europe and Japan. By deciding to invest in Latin America, you will find yourself in a blue ocean with significant potential to fuel the commercial growth of your company.

Latin America represents an enormous market potential

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Strategic planning

Get a focused approach on how to do business.

The key to a good strategy is structure and business coordination. You need concrete results, not vague ideas. With the Biopharma Consulting’s Strategic Planning practice, you'll get a clear, comprehensive view on how to do business in the years to come.

Based on a structured approach and supported by rigorous, fact-based analysis of your business environment, you can expect actionable strategic plans that focus on the development and growth of commercial operations.

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Go-to-Market Studies

Lay the roadmap for a successful market entry.

Taking informed decisions to enter a new market requires clarity and knowledge. You need to know if the market is suitable for your products, in order to optimize your investments. Biopharma Consulting’s Go-to-Market Studies practice gives you clarity before investing in a new market, informing you about the potential of your products and the risks and opportunities of a market entry.

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Startup Support

Assure your success in new geographies in the mid to long term.

Incorporating your company in new geographies requires local knowledge and people on the ground, assisting you in the execution of your plans. There is a lot at stake. It is crucial to make sure that the planned investment is successful. Biopharma Consulting’s Startup practice gives you guidance and coaching for execution, concrete implementation and set-up of your business in Latin America.

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Representation and Hosting

Launch and commercialize your products in markets where you don’t plan to be present.

In markets where you don’t plan to be present through own operations, you need the support of a reliable partner on the ground, helping you to diversify your revenue sources. Through Biopharma Consulting’s Representation and Hosting practice you can rest assured you will be in good hands. Counting on a Swiss partner with extensive knowledge of the marketplace, based in Latin America, you'll excel in out licensing and distributing your products and services in new geographies.

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Family Business Practice

Give your family business the structure and processes needed to thrive through generations.

Family owned businesses represent a core contribution to the Latin American GDP, growing on average faster and being more profitable than public traded companies. Statistics show that only 30% of family owned businesses pass onto the second generation, only 12% to the third generation and only 3% to the fourth generation of family owners. This threatens the valuable work family owned business have done over time. To be able to assure business continuity over generations, family owned businesses require professional governance, structures and processes. Biopharma Consulting’s Family Business practice has been set up to assist these companies run their business in a professional way by:

Structuring their corporate governance.
Defining rules for family members that run the company.
Developing succession plans for family members.
Creating professional bodies like family council, board of directors and a professional management.

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Global Sourcing

Increase your operational efficiency and profits.

In nowadays globalized world, sourcing biopharmaceutical products and services on a worldwide basis is crucial to realize vital economies of scale to compete. Thanks to Biopharma Consulting’s Global Sourcing practice you are able to get APIs, semi and finished products and services of excellent quality from reliable suppliers around the world at the best costs, increasing the overall profitability of your company and your products.

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Biopharma companies need a knowledgeable, reliable support for the different kinds of challenges they face in a crowded marketplace. That’s where Biopharma Consulting stands out: our advice is based on facts and figures, focusing on execution.

Are you fed up of tons of nice slides without practical application? Our strength is the practical execution of your projects, understanding the needs and goals of our clients to produce measurable added value. We persevere to achieve our clients’ success.

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